Three No-Brainer Hacks to Save on Printing Costs

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Most business owners and managers can't say for certain how much their organization spends on printing; nonetheless, most agree on one point—it's way too much. Solutions like switching to multifunction printers and copiers and Managed Print Services are critical for real savings, but there are several cost-cutting steps your Chicago organization can take in the meantime.

Reduce Costs, Beginning Today

Effective ways to reduce print volumes and costs are just a few short steps away. Check out these no-brainer hacks to give waste the boot, beginning right now.

1. Shrink to fit— Wasting an entire sheet copy paper just to print the last few words of a document is frustrating. A simple solution is at hand. Using the PRINT PREVIEW option, check for this issue before printing. Either shrink the content to fit the desired number of pages or just print the ones you need. Often those last few words aren't necessary to the job at hand.

2. Default to automatic duplexing— This one is so simple, it's surprising how that more people don't take advantage of it. Most multifunction copiers allow users to choose two-sided printing as a default setting. With automatic duplexing as a default setting, every document that passes through your copiers will print on both sides of the paper. With almost no effort on the part of your staff, you'll cut your Chicago company's paper consumption by up to fifty percent. Boom.

3. Try draft mode— Ever have someone hand you a printed email and the text feels like it's been carved into the paper? Unless that email's next step is the National Archives, somebody's using way too much toner. Setting your copiers to draft mode for short-lived internal documents is an easy way to cut back on excessive toner consumption.

To learn more ways to reduce your Chicago organization's printing costs, contact our expert staff at Proven Business Systems today!

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