Three Ways to Go Green in the Office

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There's no question that environmentally responsibility begins with the individual, but businesses have a critical role to play as well. Here are three solutions that will help your organization save the environment while also saving you time and money.

1. How Much Room Are You Taking Up?

Businesses and organizations that rely heavily on paper-centric processes need more office space to complete daily tasks. Here's why:

  • Paper-based processes rely on paper documents.
  • Paper storage systems require bulky filing cabinets, shelving units, and cardboard storage boxes.
  • The longer you're in business, the more storage space you'll need for archived documents.

In contrast, electronic document management requires virtually no office space. It naturally follows that eliminating paper storage systems and the thousands of documents that fill them means you'll need less energy-consuming office space—a win for the environment and your bottom line.

2. Since We're on the Subject of Paper

The paperless office gets a lot of press, but very few organizations are winning at this game. That's unfortunate and unnecessary because solutions to reduce paper consumption are readily available.

Electronic document management allows businesses to store information in cloud repositories. By bypassing printing and relying instead on digital processes, most organizations can eliminate the bulk of their paper documents.

Managed print is an underutilized service that not only reduces paper usage but can save businesses as much as 30% over their current printing costs. With solutions to reduce paper and energy waste, managed print helps businesses and the environment at the same time.

3. Start Thinking Green

A green company culture is a trickle-down process that begins at the management level. Start small by recycling toner cartridges and paper, purchasing recycled office supplies, and implementing policies to reduce paper waste. From there it's a natural progression to carpooling groups, energy-efficient office systems, and daily reminders to communicate digitally rather than on paper.

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