Three Ways to Protect Your Network from the Next Ransomware Attack

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While there's no way you missed the headlines about the WannaCry ransomware attack in May of this year, you may have missed something else. You're human, and you've got a business to operate, and updates sometimes get overlooked or take a back burner. In the case of the latest ransomware attack, that's just what hackers were hoping for.

If you'd rather not be among the frustrated and furious victims of the next ransomware or other malicious attacks, it's critical to take precautions now. Tomorrow, as many others have learned, may be one day too late.

Proactive Steps to Protect Your Network NOW

1. Update everything today

We all think we're going to remember to install updates. A reminder pops up, and it's rarely convenient to act immediately, so we put it off until later. In the case of the WannaCry attack, an update issued two months earlier would have eliminated problems for the majority of victims. Take a few minutes today to check for updates on all of your devices. Then require your employees to do the same.

2. Train Your Employees

From email phishing scams to malware embedded in website ads, threats are everywhere. Training your staff is critical, but it's only the beginning. Ad blockers are an effective method to reduce threats, and policies that restrict certain apps and social media sites are helpful, but there's more you can do.

3. Outsource for Pro Assistance

Unless your Chicago business is IT, chances are you've got other priorities that can't wait. Putting your business first may mean outsourcing to professional IT Services to secure your network. IT Services includes a host of custom solutions to meet your company's unique needs.

From data backup and disaster recovery to network design and maintenance, IT Services from Proven Business Systems can deliver network security for your Chicago business and peace of mind for you. Contact us to begin the conversation today!

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