Time for New Copiers? It's All About the Math!

Chicago copiers

If you're not sure whether to pull the trigger and get new copiers for your Chicago business, we'd like to suggest a little basic math. Like every other business decision, it's all about adding and subtracting.

Add Up the Benefits

Acquiring new copiers is a lot like bringing new computers online. Even if you're a little unsure at first, the advantages of the new system soon outweigh any reservations you may have had in the beginning. When it comes to new copiers and printers, the benefits add up quickly.

1. Improved quality — If you've been putting up with outdated printers and copiers, you're going to enjoy the image quality found today's technologies. Expect super-sharp text and state-of-the-art color reproduction for documents that pop.

2. Improved productivity — Today's high-tech multifunction printers and copiers can rescue your Chicago organization from paper-heavy procedures and bring your workflows into the 21st-century. Automate your processes. Ditch the paper and digitize your documents. File everything in the cloud and donate your filing cabinets to charity.

3. Upgrade security — The latest security protocols on multifunction printers and copiers are reason enough to justify an upgrade. Protect your data with state-of-the-art encryption. Keep unauthorized users out with password protection. Protect your hard drive with data overwrite capabilities.

Subtract the Hassles

Is your Chicago office plagued by downtimes and out-of-control costs? By replacing your aging copiers with the latest technologies, you can stop worrying about your devices and get back to business.

1. Subtract downtime — Stop throwing away resources with expensive downtime and repair costs.

2. Subtract wasted time — Don't pay your employees to wait in line. Combine devices with a multifunction system.

3. Subtract wasted resources — Built-in features to save paper and energy are standard on the newest copiers and printers.

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