Tips To Avoid Copier Maintenance Calls

Without a doubt, there are certainly some dos and don'ts when it comes to caring for your office equipment. Your copier machine, whether it’s stand alone or part of a large fleet, is the workhorse for your office. You probably paid a lot of money for your machine, and you want to get the most out of it without spending too much money on maintenance and repairs. While some maintenance is unavoidable, there are a few tips we would like to share with you to help avoid further costly service charges.
Tips to help avoid costly repairs for your copier:
  • Choose a smart location for your office equipment. Operating your office copier next to a heater could cause damage and overheat. Make sure all pathways are clear, and the copier is in a position that allows room for any moving parts.
  • Replace your machines toner immediately when prompted to. Even if your copies still look acceptable you could be damaging the drum and wear out the developer quickly causing more problems. 
  • Care for the paper you are feeding into your machine. If your office tends to be humid store your unused paper properly to avoid adding water to the office equipment. If your paper does become exposed to humidity do not throw it away. You can use the paper in laser printers where the moisture will not damage the machine.
  • Remove any jammed paper right away. When paper jams or tears in the machine it can leave small amounts of paper fiber that can cause more problems down the road. We suggest using compressed air cans to lightly remove any fibers or particles left after a paper jam. Do not blow into the machine because your breath holds moisture.
  • Check your copier every morning, especially on Mondays.  Even if you are the last one out and the first one into the office, always check the copier for jams, low toner or any error messages that might be displayed. 
  • Try to minimize the times you open the lid to the copier machines. You do not want to allow dust into the machine or damage the drum.
  • Never sit on the copier or apply your face or other body parts to the machine. While this sounds like a funny prank, you can damage the glass or worse yet damage your eyes or other body parts. 

With these tips, you can reduce your maintenance calls and stress in the office. Never try to repair your office machines; this is very dangerous. Always call an expert for repairs. If you are in need of repair or have questions about today’s modern copiers contact us today!