Toner 101

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We live in a world of convenience. Increasingly, things are being automated as technology improves, and it is easy to use something every single day without really understanding the ins and outs of the tool. Your printer may be one of these. That might seem silly, but really, there's a lot that goes into the whirring sound followed by a brightly colored piece of media for your business to use at their next event. One of the most important aspects of each and every print you make is the toner. Let's delve a little deeper into what toner is and what you should know about it.

How It Works

At its core, toner is made up of very fine powder that is magnetically charged. To get ahold of the powder, the drum in the printer is electronically charged and can then manipulate the toner powder into the shapes and letters you desire to print. A laser is then used to fuse the powder in place using the heat it emits. It is amazing technology that makes pressing the print button so easy for us! Toner, as you likely know, comes in a few different colors: black, clear, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Why Understanding Toner is Important

Toner is a crucial component to quality prints. It matters where you get your toner, how long you use it, and how high of quality it is. It can cause long-term damage to your equipment if you use the wrong toner or reused cartridges, so doing your research and buying from a trusted company is important.

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