Two Equipment Must-Haves to Help Healthcare Facilities Go Paperless

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The challenges faced by the Chicago healthcare industry are unique, and that includes the sharing and storage of information. Hospitals and small facilities alike need fast access to patient information, but HIPAA and HITECH mandates require strict security protocols. Balancing easy access with ironclad security is no small task.

Letting Go of Paper

Paper-centric healthcare facilities face an uphill challenge; paper can cause insurmountable productivity bottlenecks, and it's nearly impossible to secure. The solution, then, is to embrace digital solutions to replace as much paper as possible.

The Why

There are more reasons to replace paper than we have time to discuss here, but the benefits cited most often are reason enough. Here are the most common:

  • Improve office productivity — Office workers spend as much as 20% of any given day searching for paper documents. Digital documents are just a few clicks away.
  • Improve compliance — Take the heat off your Chicago staff by giving them the tools they need to stay compliant. By automating critical steps in the process, your team won't miss important tasks, and you'll be ready in the event of an audit.
  • Improve customer service — Your patients deserve a system that gives your healthcare providers fast access to their records. They also deserve a system that protects their private information.

The How

It's not enough to commit to getting rid of paper—you need the right office equipment to get paperless processes up and running.

  1. Your multifunction copier is a valuable tool in your office equipment line-up. Easily convert your daily paper records and route them directly to folders, workflows, or staff members. Automate paper-based processes to speed up productivity and eliminate manual data entry errors.
  2. A dedicated scanner is an office equipment must-have for those offices with a backlog of documents that need to be converted.

For a demonstration of office equipment technology to help your Chicago healthcare facility go paperless, contact us at Proven IT today!

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