Update Your Protocols to Maximize Security


The security of your documents and client information is one of the most important facets of your business. Without the ability to properly secure your information, you leave yourself liable for loss of the information. There are a number of ways that you can further protect your data to ensure that your confidential materials stay safe. Data security is vital to your business, and can be enhanced by:

Maintaining Copier Data:
Periodically wiping the data from the hard drives of your copiers will prevent your data from being stolen down the road. Usually, decommissioned copiers do not go through any sort of memory wipe, which means your data may sit unsecured until someone with the right tools retrieves it.

Document Management:

Document Management programs give you the benefit of securing your documents and backing them up in case of a disaster. With Digital document management solutions, your documents can be easily searched and retrieved by those within your organization, but also have a number of security barriers, including passwords and permissions.

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