The Value of a Maintenance Contract

Chicago office equipment

Ignoring equipment maintenance when everything works smoothly is easy. In fact, ignoring regular upkeep for anything that's working well just comes naturally. But we all know that the why fix it if it ain't broke adage only applies some of the time. The more frequent scenario is just the opposite—ignoring it means it probably will break, and much sooner than you expected.

The Benefits of a Maintenance Contract

Whether you call it a Service Level Agreement, a Maintenance Contract, or something else entirely, it's essential to have something in place for preventative maintenance and the reality that your Chicago office equipment (or parts of it) will fail at some point.

Here's why preparing ahead makes the most sense:

  1. An ounce of prevention— Whether it's your Chicago company's fleet of vehicles or office equipment, a carefully executed plan for routine maintenance is the best way to prevent a costly catastrophic failure. It's also the best way to get the longest possible useful life from your investment.
  2. Knowing who to call— Remember that time your copier broke down, and you called the first name that popped up? (There's a reason why the business moniker A-1 is so popular.) Even if they did a fairly good job, you took a significant risk by waiting to establish a relationship with a service partner. You could have easily paid too much or received poor service. With an established partnership and a maintenance agreement, you won't need to hesitate when you need to make that call for service.
  3. Eliminating nasty surprises— There's nothing more disheartening than establishing a budget for the quarter only to have it blown up by costly emergency repairs. With a maintenance agreement, you can depend on a predictable monthly payment with no unpleasant surprises.

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