Vital Maintenance for Your Copier

Just like a vehicle, office machines need regular maintenance in order to improve its performance and life expectancy.  Every office wants to use their equipment effectively, so it only makes sense to properly care for the office’s Chicago copiers. 

Not only will maintaining your copy machine ensure a longer usable life, but it will also prevent major problems and can relieve the company from serious headaches in the long term.  Here are a few things to consider when maintaining a copy machine:

Firstly, be sure to turn the machine off before any maintenance takes place.  Wounding yourself during a repair would defeat the purpose.  Next, clean out the inside of the machine using a vacuum designed for toner removal and wipe off parts that have a build up of residue.  Safeguard the business’ Chicago printers and other office equipment by plugging it into a surge protector that is rated at 1200 joules or higher.  This will protect the copier from any surges, burnouts or lightning.  Finally, use sufficient quality paper because low cost paper will produce more dust and fiber waste that gathers within the machine. 

While these are straightforward maintenance measures, they can go a long way in increasing the usable life of the equipment and reducing the chance of a breakdown.  If a machine is having an issue, the best thing to do is contact a Chicago copier repair company.  If you have any questions about copier maintenance or copier repair then contact us today!