What's the Big Deal With Color?

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Color. What's the big deal? Besides rainbows and funfetti cakes, it seems like we could do with a black-and-white world for business, right?

Wrong. Too many companies today discount the value of color printers, believing the old assumption that black-and-white communication gets the job done just as well. For some documents—meeting minutes, expense reports, etc.—black and white is perfect. For others—often the ones that could build customer loyalty and encourage a sale—color is the only way to fly.

Color Outside the Lines

Often the underlying fear that drives businesses away from color is that they'll spend too much money. Color printing used to cost significantly more than black-and-white printing, especially back when companies had to outsource more print jobs. Today, however, with advances in technology and simple ways to control your business's print output, color printing doesn't break the bank.

Why owning a color printer could save and make you money in the long run

  • Spend some to make some: Many color products are used to advertise to potential clients and customers. Who gives a black-and-white flier, brochure, or mailer a second glance? Color is proven by research to direct the eye more efficiently over a document, giving you those crucial seconds to get your message across before your customer is moving on.
  • Don't pay for outsourcing: When you outsource a print job, chances are you'll end up ordering more than you need. It's a common practice because waiting for a new order is often not an option. With your own printer available to make high-quality color prints, you can create the exact amount you need at a moment's notice.
  • Track and control your color printing: There's no reason to give your entire office free reign to print comic strips and break room memos in color. With account tracking and some help from managed print services, you can easily restrict color printing to appropriate users and devices.

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