Why You Need a Maintenance Contract for Your Copiers


You rely on your Chicago company's copiers to perform reliably through every workday, and because they're central to your daily workflows, you don't have time for equipment failures. A service level agreement for your Canon copiers is the best solution for avoiding unexpected downtime, high repair costs, and office equipment that doesn't last as long as it should.

Read on to find out how a maintenance agreement with your equipment provider can help keep your core processes moving forward.

1. Faster service. Finding someone to work on your Chicago office's copiers out of the blue could be a challenge. The truth is, if you're not a regular customer, you won't be at the front of the line. Establishing an ongoing relationship with one equipment provider means you'll get service when you need it.

2. Regular checkups. Service level agreements typically include regularly scheduled maintenance checkups. During these visits, technicians will conduct a thorough examination of your copiers, looking for damaged parts and systems that aren't functioning according to manufacturer's specifications. They'll also generate test prints to verify quality document output and then update software and operating systems if necessary.

3. Access to expert technicians. A cold call from an online list of service producers is risky, and aside from a few reviews, there's no way to know what kind of service to expect. Establish a relationship with a trusted local equipment vendor and service provider to ensure that the technicians who show up at your door are certified, industry trained in the latest technologies, and familiar with your copiers.

4. No surprises. A service level agreement for your copiers eliminates means you'll always know what to expect—reliable service and no budget-busting repair bills for emergency service calls.

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