Your Business Can't Afford Low-End Office Equipment

Chicago office equipment

Is it time for new office equipment for your Chicago business? You could head to the nearest big box office store and load up on inexpensive copiers and printers. You'd be finished by the afternoon and have everything ready to go in the morning.

But wait. There's more.

The Trouble with Low-End Equipment

There's certainly a place for low-cost office equipment, but it's not in your office. That great deal you just landed is going to ruin your day sometime in the near future, and it'll keep ruining your day until you cry uncle and turn it into the nearest recycling center.

Here's why your Chicago company's office equipment should always come from an authorized equipment vendor.

1. You can't afford low-end.

The trouble with low-end anything is that it isn't built to last. If you've ever experienced the frustration of a low-ink alert a week after you've replaced a cartridge on a desktop printer, you know what we mean. The true cost of ownership for inexpensive printers and copiers quickly outstrips the purchase price, and that's just the beginning of your problems.

2. You don't have time for downtime.

Inexpensive copiers aren't engineered for commercial use. Business print volumes are very likely to cause equipment failures that will bring your workflows to a halt. Can you really afford that?

3. You need support, not just a warranty.

Office equipment warranties sound good until you need someone (anyone!) to make good on them. Too often the issue affecting your equipment is inconveniently not covered by the warranty. Or perhaps the warranty expired. Yesterday.

Office equipment acquired through an authorized Chicago supplier will be covered by service level agreements that extend far beyond the typical consumer warranty. With access to a team of industry-trained technicians and top-tier technology partnerships, you'll have the support you need to protect your investment for years to come.

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