Is Your Company Well Prepared for Disaster?

Chicago IT services

Even if you routinely back up your Chicago company's data, it doesn't necessarily follow that you're good to go. It's a common mistake to assume by backing up your data you're prepared for a disaster. For example, what if a fire or flood destroys your servers? After the initial shock of a catastrophe wears off, your primary goal will be to get back into business as soon as possible.

Understanding the Risk

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, approximately 25% of businesses fail after a catastrophic disaster. While no one can predict a natural disaster, the reason many businesses fail to reopen has more to do with improper planning than the disaster itself. Beyond the obvious problem of data loss, you're likely to face a complete disruption in services, and it pays to plan ahead.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery, Defined

A data backup occurs when businesses copy or archive their files. The purpose is to allow access to critical data in the event of a loss. Data loss can occur after a natural or humanmade disaster or follow a data breach or malware attack.

Disaster recovery goes beyond data backup to include a well-planned procedure to allow for business continuity following a disaster of any kind.

IT Services—Well Worth the Investment

It's clear that a disaster recovery plan goes beyond routine, on-site data backup. It includes an assurance of off-site data backup and a communications plan to gain access to critical information. For many Chicago-area businesses, their data backup and disaster recovery plan is well in hand. They've prepared for the worst by outsourcing to professional IT Services providers. By doing so, they've gained peace of mind knowing there's a plan in place to recover in case the worst happens.

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