Is Your Copier Ready to Retire?

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Your printer has been a trusty sidekick in your office for years, but it may be showing signs that it's ready to retire. Don't be put off by the thought of finding a new printer; the functionality of the right machine will make your office more productive.

3 Signs Your Copier is Ready to Retire

It can be hard to choose between repairing a machine or choosing a new one. But at a certain point, a printer is ready to retire, and you're ready for new technology. Here are the signs your printer is ready to be replaced.

1. You're Seeing Double

One sign that your printer is ready to retire is when it begins printing faint or double images. Although this can be a simple repair, it could be that your printer is just too worn out to contain working correctly. Check with a trusted technician before calling it quits.

2. Your Printer is Getting Too Old for This

If your machine has been around longer than five years, it's likely that it's time to replace it. Printer technology improves constantly, and five years is a long time in tech. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, so an old printer may be holding you back from newer digital functions that weren't around when your printer came out.

3. Your Company is Growing

Do you know your printer's monthly duty cycle? A duty cycle is the amount of prints a copier is rated to do on a monthly basis. If your company is increasingly growing, you are likely exceeding the duty cycle of your printer, and you need to upgrade before your machine fails.

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