Is Your Copier a Security Hazard?

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Is your copier done for? Maybe it's been limping along for the last few months and you've known this is coming, or maybe one day you came into the office and realized your copier is now caput. Either way, it's time for a new copier.

As you'll soon see, the market is full of fantastic copier options at excellent prices. Just choose one of those, recycle your old printer and everything will be good—right? Not quite.

See, printers and copiers have one design feature that comes in handy when you're using it, but can present a dangerous vulnerability when you dispose of it.

Copier Recycling and Security

Every copier, printer, fax machine, and multifunction system today has the ability to store a copy of documents run through them. In fact, some machines store a copy of every document that is run through them throughout their lifetime. This is handy when you need to print to file, or send a document as an email from your copier.

This feature becomes a problem, however, when you're done with your copier. Those documents could potentially fall into the wrong hands if you simply sell your copier for parts or recycle it without removing, wiping, or destroying the printer's hard drive.

Imagine the sensitive client, customer, and company information your copier has seen throughout its lifecycle, and imagine how devastating it would be if that information fell into the wrong hands. Before recycling or disposing of your old copier, be sure you've taken the proper precautions to keep your business information safe.

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