Is Your Copier a Security Risk?

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Your office copier is on its last leg, and you're ready to recycle. Your thoughts have probably already moved on to its replacement, but take a moment to read through this before you toss your old equipment. Did you know your copier could post an information security threat? Here's how to keep your information secure when choosing a new copier.

Copier Security 101

Today's copiers and printers are digital animals, and that's a good thing. Before the digital revolution, machines couldn't store information on the hard drives; today they can, making it easier to use your copier for extra storage, send files as emails, or scan to a digital document management system. But this convenience comes at a price; that information can be stored indefinitely on your copier's hard drive. Without proper erasure, your company information could be free for the taking once you're done with your machine.

The good news? It's simple to keep your information secure.

1. Maintain Day-to-Day Security

Although we're talking about what happens to information when you're done with your copier, information security begins with day-to-day practices. Make sure your copier is in a high-traffic area of your office—especially if you're concerned about proprietary information security—so that information can't be taken covertly. Keep your copier shielded by a firewall, as well, so that it's safe from hackers.

2. Erase Before Recycling

Before you recycling your copier, make sure its hard drive is completely clear or destroyed. Never recycle or throw away a machine without making sure your information won't be compromised.

3. Work with a Trusted Technician

To ensure that your information is secure, work with a trusted Chicago local printer repair technician. This way, you'll know that your information is secure and you can rest easy at night. Contact us for more information about copier security. We can even help you find the right replacement machine.

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