Is Your Print Environment Safe?

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As a business professional, security is likely at the top of your priority list. With data breaches often in the news, keeping information safe is often at the forefront of business owners' minds. But many companies only think about securing their digital information contained and accessed through computers—which, although important, isn't the only kind of information they create and house on a daily basis. This leaves a hole in security in one important area: your print environment.

Securing Your Print Environment

Whether it's through your copiers, your multifunction printers, or your company's paper processes, there's probably a significant amount of information stored in your print environment currently. Much of that could be sensitive or confidential such as client information, employee pay stubs, and company data. Here's how you can be sure that this information stays secure.

Customized User Authentication

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but user authentication is a vital part of your print environment's security. With this feature, only authorized personnel will be able to print and release documents from devices. This not only allows for documents to be seen by only the individuals who sent them to the printer, but also gives you a record of who is printing what.

Use Encrypted PDFs

Many companies send PDFs from and to copiers these days, but often these documents aren't encrypted. Be sure that you're sending encrypted PDFs over your network and that you only purchase devices that accept encrypted documents.

Wipe Hard Drives

When you're done with a device such as a copier or multifunction printer, be sure you wipe the hard drive before you send it off for recycling. This hard drive could contain a copy of every document every run through that device, leaving your data security compromised.

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