Is Your Printer a Security Threat?

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Security is an incredibly important issue among businesses, and most businesses owners take it quite seriously. Depending on your line of work, you may be handling simple, confidential information such as customer names, email addresses, and phone numbers, or you could have incredibly sensitive information pertaining to legal issues. Whatever the case, security is absolutely paramount. What if we told you that there is a part of your office that is often overlooked when security measures are taken?

The Security Threats Associated with Office Printers

It may be somewhat surprising to think of your printers as a security threat, but unprotected, they are in many ways. First, there are the practical everyday ways that information can become public through printer misuse. If you are not employing hold print, print jobs may sit on the print tray for an extended period of time, easily being forgotten and left for anyone to read. Then there is the security threat that relates to hacking. Hackers have realized that although your computers are well protected, you may not have realized that your printer also has an Internet connection. The security for your printer network may be much more relaxed. But why is that a problem? What might they glean from your printer?

Your Printer Saves Information

As information passes through your printer network, information is usually saved for a set period of time. Because of this, if a hacker were to infiltrate your printer network, they could steal or damage important information.

Staying Safe

The best ways to avoid these catastrophes are:

  1. Get help from an IT team to set up security on your printer network
  2. Install a program to routinely delete information from your printer’s hard drive

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