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Meet the Team

John Cosich Sr.

Founder and CEO at Proven IT

John is one of the founding members of Proven Business Systems and is no rookie to the industry.  Having graduated from Valparaiso University in 1973 with a Business Degree, John took his first job out of college with Xerox Corporation in 1974.   While gaining tremendous industry experience and excelling as one of the top producers in the country.   

Significantly Reduce Printing – Limit Permitted Documents

Chicago Print Management

Studies show that the average office worker prints on average 10,000 sheets of paper. These numbers increase when there are many workers in the office. Getting a handle on print activities is very important. This can affect your current budget, as well as, future opportunities. Managed print services are being used by many businesses these days. These services offer more than simple outsourcing options. They can be used to streamline spending related to printing. There are many options available for managed print services. You can set monthly budgets for the materials that are printed.

Optimizing the Efficiency in Your Workflow

Chicago Print Management

Whether your organization is well-established, or maybe your firm is only starting out, learning how information and processes travel through your enterprise is critical. Known as workflow, the precise procedure you take to finish an activity ought to be as effective as possible. Many organizations disregard certain aspects of their workflow and never recognize that they're being inefficient.

Some Great Benefits of a Print Management System

Chicago Print Management

Organizations just about everywhere are constantly seeking to conserve money and arrange for the future. In doing so, they are exploring alternatives that they previously did not take into account. Several businesses, especially in their beginning, don't have to consider a sound print management method.

Save Paper in Your Office

Printing can be expensive, very expensive in fact. We would never suggest to chuck the printer out the window and go completely digital because we know how important printed documents can be to companies not only for advertising but other reasons.

So instead of telling you to stop printing we want to teach you ways that you can cut back on printing in your office.

Colored Printing for Advertising

Have you ever seen a picture in black and white? They are wonderful and have an old fashioned feel to them. But have you ever seen a picture that has eye-popping color and can catch your eye from across a crowded room?

Pictures are beautiful in black and white. However, color is on a whole different level. Color has been proven to provoke more emotion and excitement in its viewers. This is why we should all be thankful for the invention of colored printing. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it’s a beneficial way in boosting ones sales.

We Can Help with your Business Goals

 If you take part in managing a company then you know there are many goals businesses strive to achieve to be continue to be a thriving and competitive business.

This list is about as long as Santa’s “naughty and nice list!”

All companies have unique goals but there are also goals that each company share and work towards. These goals include but are not limited to extraordinary output, great profitability, minimal overhead expenses, constructive employees and loyal customers.

Prepare for Disater

As humans we must be prepared for many things that come our way. That is exactly why we have car insurance and health insurance so that we can be prepared for disaster. Being prepared is important for not only our personal lives but our professional lives as well. As a business owner you must be prepared for everything that might happen to your company!

This can be very difficult at times and you may not realize areas you need protection so you aren’t implementing solutions to protect yourself.

The Education Industry will Benefit from Document Management

Paperwork, it’s everywhere! Most companies have massive amounts of paperwork that many of the employees aren’t even sure where to put or what it all means.

No matter what industry you work in you probably know what we are referring to!

There is some paperwork that is very important to have and to save but much of this paperwork could be converted to a digital file and save electronically. This would help clear up the clutter but it would also help you be able to locate files when need be!


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