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Should You Repair or Upgrade Your Copier?

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Technology changes rapidly, and deciding when to upgrade is a challenge we all face on a regular basis. Our office equipment is no longer a fleet of nuts-and-bolts contraptions that help us produce or duplicate documents; they are sophisticated, technology-driven devices that bridge the gap between our paper and digital workflows. While the advantages of technology are substantial, the question of when to repair vs. when to upgrade becomes slightly more complicated.

Finding the Right Equipment Provider Begins Here

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Searching for a new printer or Xerox copier for your Chicago office? There's more to the process than it seems, and getting it right will save you time, money, and frustration.

While there's a lot to gain from researching the available features, most professional-grade devices have similar capabilities. But if you're not going to begin your search with a comparison of features, where should you start?

Repair or Upgrade Your Printer? Here's How to Tell!

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Not sure if your Chicago office needs a new printer? The decision whether to call your Chicago print repair provider for help or a replacement device isn't always clear.

Check out these issues that may indicate it's time for an equipment upgrade.

Looking for Expert Print Repair in the Chicago Area?

Chicago print repair

Printer downtime is never good for your office, mostly due to the resulting loss of productivity. Employees waiting around for print repair may be hard-pressed to complete critical jobs, and may even seek outsourced printing as a last resort.

Partnering with an experienced Chicago print repair provider is the best way to keep your equipment in top operating condition.

Print Repair—It's Not in Your Job Description

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As an office manager, administrative assistant, or knowledge worker, you probably spend plenty of time using your office's copy and print devices.

We're pretty sure you haven't spent very much time reading the repair manual that came with your multifunction printer, however. That's okay because print repair isn't your job.

Protect Your Equipment Investment With a Power Conditioner

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Whether you own a small desktop home printer or run a business that's put thousands of dollars into state-of-the-art office systems, it makes good economic sense to protect your investment. For most of us, that means partnering with a trusted print repair provider and purchasing our equipment from industry leading technology manufacturers.

Print Repair: Why Are You Still Going It Alone?

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Growing a business requires time, attention, and a willingness to reach beyond your skill set and comfort zone. That's why Chicago's small business owners are expert multitaskers, and why they hire staff with the same talent.

There's no question that the DIY spirit found in many small-to-medium businesses is admirable. In some cases, it's this very get-'er-done attitude that prevents SMB owners from discovering some true money and time-saving services. One of these is professional copy and print repair.

6 Tips to Avoid Equipment Downtime

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Your copiers and printers contribute to your Chicago company's business processes and ultimately, your success. When equipment downtime impacts your workflows, you need expert print repair, and you need it fast.

Three Ways to Go Green in the Office

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There's no question that environmentally responsibility begins with the individual, but businesses have a critical role to play as well. Here are three solutions that will help your organization save the environment while also saving you time and money.

1. How Much Room Are You Taking Up?

Businesses and organizations that rely heavily on paper-centric processes need more office space to complete daily tasks. Here's why:

5 Tips for Keeping Your Printers in Top Condition

Chicago print repair

Your documents drive your Chicago company's business processes, and your copiers and printers are at the center of most of them. Proactive maintenance and high-quality print repair are essential to keep your devices performing at their best. Read on for some tips on how to avoid everything from poor quality images to a shortened device lifespan.


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