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For two years while the company was slowly growing, with no oversite in paper printing, I was losing a lot time with printer issues. I was told the existing solution was to get a new cheap printer and put it into production when it completely fails, toss and replace. In today’s world I first asked how do we print less, since that wasn’t an option as our work requires two pages per pallet no matter what, we had to have a better solution.  What I inherited was, 70+ printers, an array of 12 different types of printers both B&W and color,  two different copy machines all of different years and types and brands (HP, Dell, Xerox, Lexmark, Kyocera, Canon etc..). This was hard for us to have enough of the right toner in stock let alone have a place to store and protect all that toner.  We had to keep stock of it because if we didn’t print, we didn’t ship.  We spent way too much money on toner without any cost control or ability to budget it as it fluctuated so much each month.  We spent a lot of time replacing, repairing, and troubleshooting various printer issues taking away from more important technical issues.
As our business grew even more we got in touch with Chris at Proven and we developed a printing solution that saved us time, money, and frustration.  We took full advantage of Proven’s printing solution by adding two new copiers and new printers to our new site, as well as replacing ALL printers at our existing site and then LOWERING our overall cost.   On top of that it adds Proven’s printer/copier support team for all printing issues.  Now I have 3 types of printers and a standardized solution that we can monitor and budget for.   This allows us to continue to run, and keep a lean IT department and allowing us to focus on issues other than printers.

Chistopher Andersen 
IT Manager/ Network Administrator
ARI Packaging